"Done-For-You" Marketing Funnels That Help You Build a Highly Responsive List, Provide Tremendous Value to Your Customers, and Sell Stuff Like Crazy in as Little as 7 Days”

...Without Feeling Like a Slimy Salesperson

yuri-elkaimFrom the Desk of Yuri Elkaim

Dear fellow Entrepreneur,

If you’re ready to impact the world on a larger scale, create more freedom in your life, and multiply your profits at the same time, then leveraging my FLO formula might be the missing ingredient in your business right now.

What I’m about to share with you is a tested and proven way to generate more leads and customers in any market. Following FLO will help you build smarter marketing funnels that work hard for your business while positioning you as a hero instead of an over aggressive salesman.

Not only will you maximize your profits, but you will also create a raving customer base and massive amounts of goodwill with your audience.

You can use FLO to rapidly scale anything you sell online while maintaining your hard earned honesty and integrity...whether it’s books, information, coaching, consulting, physical products, or anything else.

If you’ve avoided improving your online marketing for fear of alienating your customers or coming off as a slimy salesman, this is just what your business needs to prosper this year.

Most importantly, following FLO will help you maximize your impact and your customers will love you for doing this!

Before you get to the end of this page, I’ll show you exactly how information publishers, experts, speakers, authors, and coaches around the world are generating more leads and converting those leads into raving, repeat customers using a simple step-by-step formula...

But before we get to that, you have to understand what a marketing funnel really is and…

Why Some Funnels Fail Miserably
While Others Convert Like Crazy

If you aren’t familiar, a marketing funnel is the series of steps a visitor to your website goes through as a prospect or when purchasing something from you.

If you look “under the hood” of any successful online business, you’ll notice that marketing funnels are almost always their lifeblood and directly responsible for their growth. But, if you want to create an amazing experience for your customers instead of aggravating them, there are some very common mistakes you absolutely must avoid.

Which leads us to the problem most online businesses face with marketing funnels:

If you don’t know how to create your marketing funnels the intelligent way (using my FLO formula) then you will most likely end up frustrated and confused when your funnel doesn’t seem to work and your customers get angry or upset when they go through your sales process...instead of excited and eager to get started.

Before I share the complete FLO formula with you and how you can start using it in your own business today, let me show you an example of how FLO can multiply your profits…

Imagine the following scenario:

You decide to sell your flagship book for $27.

You then put in all the time, energy, and resources it takes to acquire a lead and turn that lead into a customer…

When they’re ready to buy your book, the maximum amount you can earn from the sale is $27.

Now lets say you have my high converting "Continuity Upgrade Funnel" in place instead...

After you implement FLO your new customer will have more opportunities to do business with you...

...and as a result you can earn $247 (or more) every single time a customer comes through, which is a massive 9x increase.

Let's lowball these numbers and say you only increase your average order value by an additional $47 and each customer is now worth $74 instead of $27…

For every 1,000 customers you bring in, that’s an extra $47,000 in immediate profits…

And an extra $470,000 for every 10,000 customers…

This also doesn’t include the sales you stand to make from follow-up promotions and new product launches...

Do you see how using intelligent funnels can increase your revenue and completely transform your business...without costing you a fortune to implement or more importantly, a ton of your time?

You have probably already heard of marketing funnels or have them in your business already. The tricky part is designing your funnels that they are effective AND your customers end up loving you after the process instead of being upset or angry for being “sold to.”

At this point you might be thinking “ok cool Yuri, I get it...but that’s a hypothetical situation”...

...and that is a fair point.

So let me tell you a quick story about how I used FLO to create my most successful product launch of all time...

How I Became a New York Times
Best Selling Author With This Formula

When I released my first book, The All-Day Energy Diet, I had to make a massive $300,000 investment to hit the New York Times best seller list (I’ll save that story for another day). Naturally, I wanted to recoup that investment as fast as possible, but after extensive research and talking to other published authors I found a frightening commonality:

Most best selling authors (at least in the health space) don’t see any profit from their book launches. In fact, most lose a bundle of cash just to hit the sales numbers they need to make the best seller list.

But I didn’t want to lose money on the The All-Day Energy Diet I spent MONTHS brainstorming, planning and testing.

I knew I could find a way to launch this book profitably and in a BIG way.

I tested, tweaked, and fine-tuned our funnel for the book right up until the day of the launch.

When launch day rolled around we set up a quick Facebook ads campaign and directed the traffic to one of my unique FLO funnels.

With that ONE simple Facebook ads campaign and support from our top joint venture partners we sold over 11,000 books in just under 18 hours!

We earned back $167,349.85 of our massive $300,000 investment on the FIRST day alone.

And within 30 days we paid off the entire investment and became ROI positive. After we made our money back, we added more than 80,000 leads to our email list and profited even more thanks to the intelligent backend follow up I’m going to show you.

Not to mention that our affiliates absolutely loved promoting the book because it converted so well for them. Most told us that The All-Day Energy Diet was the highest paying book launch they have ever been involved in...all thanks to FLO.

Now that you understand how FLO can skyrocket your profits and impact, here’s the part you might not know…

The Strength of Your Funnel is Entirely Dependent on Your OFFER and the LIST It’s Offered To

This is the part most people “mess up” on...especially so called “funnel experts.”

After spending YEARS studying and analyzing effective marketing funnels in different industries and experimenting in my own business, I found A LOT of things that flat out don’t work.

The good news is that through my extensive trial and error I also discovered some funnel secrets that work like gangbusters in any market...

The biggest lesson I learned from all of my crazy “funnel experiments” is that if you really want to maximize revenue for every customer in your business while giving them an amazing experience, it’s not just about what you’re selling in what’s about the complete FLO equation:

Funnel + List + Offer = FLO

You don’t just need a funnel...but…

The Right Funnel to the Right List With the Right Offer!

That’s where the magic happens…

When you get all three pieces of the FLO equation just right your business will soar like clockwork...and your customers will keep coming back over and over because of the positive experiences and rapid results you give them…

When I say “intelligent” marketing funnels I’m talking about creating experiences that maximize conversions while making your customers feel amazing after doing business with you. Experiences where they will be ready to hit the ground running and love being your customer because they know you have their best interests at heart.

Most business owners don’t do this very well, and the ugly truth is that...

What you Don’t Know About Intelligent Marketing Funnels Will Make Your Audience LIVID

Without a strong offer that resonates with the right list, a funnel will flop. It just won't work, no matter how strong your marketing and sales copy are.

It’s not about creating a bunch of upsells or pitching your customers on a bunch of “stuff” you want to hawk at them...

It’s about giving them one of the best experiences they’ve ever had they get results, love what you stand for, and keep coming back for more.

I took everything I discovered about creating FLO funnels while growing my business to over 7 figures in revenue and built a high impact, step-by-step system for creating your own FLO funnels called…

I created Funnel Mastery after developing hundreds of marketing funnels and honing in on what REALLY works for creating goodwill with your customers while generating significantly higher profits in any market or industry.

The ultimate goal of Funnel Mastery is to help you create smarter marketing funnels that maximize profits and impact while strengthening the relationship you have with your audience.

This system is the only solution that provides profitable turnkey marketing funnels built around compelling offers that the right customers actually want to buy...without ruining their buying experience or making you feel like you're being “salesy.”

What you’re really getting are intelligently designed funnel blueprints, along with a deep psychological understanding of why they work, that multiply your profits and build a raving customer base because they’re designed with all three critical components of the FLO formula in mind…

You’ll also discover how to target the RIGHT people for your business, position yourself for higher conversions, and create compelling offers that they simply cannot resist.

Here’s what you get instant access to inside of Funnel Mastery...

Introduction: CREBS - the Psychology of FLO Funnels

($97 Value)

I'll show you...

  • The 5 psychological triggers behind successful funnels so you can compel people to optin to your list and buy your products more easily.
  • The 2 must-have resources you need so you can more effectively influence your audience.
  • The #1 way to double or even triple your sales...without messing around with your product or price.

Module 1: FLO Funnel Foundation

($297 Value)

I'll show you...

  • How to identify and attract the perfect customers into your business so you work with only the best people and make a lot more money in the process.
  • Where your ideal customers are hanging out so you can get your message in front of them and quickly bring them into your world.
  • How to know for sure what your prospective customers want so you can craft the best offer that they’ll instantly jump at.

Module 2: Power Positioning

($497 Value)

I'll show you...

  • Why even the most proven headlines and sales letters will not work for all markets and what you need to know about your market before you write a single word of copy.
  • Exactly how to position yourself and your offers so that selling them almost becomes unnecessary.
  • How to get in-depth market research for pennies on the dollars so you know exactly what is and isn’t working in your market and what your customers will likely respond to.

Module 3: Maximizing FLO Funnel Essentials

($997 Value)

I'll show you...

  • The 7 vital components of a successful marketing funnel that will allow you to create a systemized “machine” that brings in new leads and customers without your involvement.
  • How to make every page in your funnel convert so you maximize each step of the sales process and increase your average order value.
  • The right way to integrate your autoresponder emails with your funnels so you can have an automated “sales team” doing all the heavy lifting for you.

Module 4: Backend Conversions & Customer Experience

($997 Value)

I'll show you...

  • The 11 elements that boost upsell page conversions so you can add 10-50% (or more) to each of your orders.
  • The smarter way to design your offers and funnels so you can provide your customers with an enjoyable buying experience that they’ll want to repeat in the future.
  • The only 2 things a new lead should see immediately upon joining your list so they feel great about doing business with you.

Module 5: The 9 Core FLO Funnels

($1,497 Value)

I'll show you...

  • The 9 proven funnel blueprints that have generated multiple millions of dollars in my health and fitness business and how you can easily deploy them to consistently and systematically bring in more leads, customers, and recurring sales.
  • The simple 2-step funnel that none of your competitors are using that will instantly separate you and your business from everyone else...and create raving fans.
  • How to use smarter surveys and quizzes in your funnels so you can boost your sales conversions by giving your customers exactly what they say they want.

This isn’t just video training though, I want to make it EASY for you, so...

You’re Also Going to Get ALL of These Tested and Proven
High Converting Funnel Blueprints Inside of Module 5…

  • Basic Lead Generation Funnel
  • Irresistible Quiz Funnel
  • Symbiotic Survey Funnel
  • Goodwill Funnel
  • Continuity Upgrade Funnel
  • “Try This Too” Continuity Funnel
  • Social Content Lander Funnel
  • Results In Advance
  • Funnel Follow-Up Sequences

When You Join Us Inside the Funnel Mastery Program Right Now
I’ll Also Give You These Killer Bonuses You Can’t Get ANYWHERE Else...

BONUS #1: Intelligent Email Integration

($97 Value)

BONUS #2: Retargeting Mastery

($197 Value)

MEGA-BONUS #1: Funnel Diagrams of ALL Funnels

($197 Value)

MEGA-BONUS #2: Step-by-Step Worksheets to Plan YOUR Intelligent Funnels

($197 Value)

And Because I’m Committed to Having You See Almost Instant Results...
I Want You to Have This Rapid Results Fast Action Bonus, Too...


($97 Value)

Get the entire “word for word” email sequence and strategy for selling high priced products, live events, and coaching...without the need for a single sales page. This sequence alone has made me over $100k in the last 8 months.

Deploy this immediately upon getting started and you can easily 10x your investment today.

Funnel Mastery is designed for…

  • Coaches (health, fitness, other)…
  • Consultants...
  • Information publishers...
  • Heart-centered entrepreneurs...
  • Speakers...
  • Authors...

This Is The Fastest Way to Increase
Your Profits and Impact TODAY…

I understand that as a business owner, adding more things to your “to-do” list can be a recipe for a headache.

That’s exactly why I’m NOT giving you “just another training program” that you have to figure out. These are PROVEN FUNNEL BLUEPRINTS that are completely done for you...there’s no guesswork or thinking involved. Simply deploy any of these funnels in your business and watch the magic happen.

I carefully designed Funnel Mastery to be so “fail-proof” that you can even hand my blueprints off to another team member and rest assured that your new funnel will be more effective than anything you’ve tried in the past.

The bottom line is that if you’re ready to finally…

  • Multiply your profits while maintaining your honesty and integrity
  • Craft enjoyable buying experiences that keep your customers coming back
  • Build goodwill with your audience and create a raving customer base
  • Skip all the hard work by drawing on my years of trial and error, and
  • Do all of this in record time with zero guesswork and step-by-step funnel blueprints...

...Then this is going to be the most important investment you make in your business this year.

Imagine Having a Business That Works For You

(Not The Other Way Around)

Listen - I know you love your business and that you care about helping others. But I also know that there are times when you probably wished you didn’t work as hard as you do.

Imagine being able to step away from the day-to-day grind with full confidence that your business is not just running...but multiplying. How good would that feel?

What would you do with that free time?

Spend more time with your kids...get out in nature ...exercise ...or maybe just have the extra time and cleared thinking to work “on” your business instead of “in” it.

All of this is possible but only once you’ve got a predictable system in place.

One that generates leads and customers into your business without requiring your presence.

If you want more freedom of time, money, or to do what you want, then Funnel Mastery isn’t just the best option for you…

It’s the only option.

So if you’re finally ready to multiply your profits, have more impact, and stop working yourself in the ground, then now’s your chance.

Either Funnel Mastery Works For You,

I’m so confident that my funnel blueprints will work for your business that I’m going to take away all the risk.

Claim access to Funnel Mastery right now, deploy ANY of the 9 done-for-you funnels into your business, and if you don’t see a 10x return on your investment within 60 full days just send me an email (with proof that you did the work) and we’ll issue you full refund.

I’m willing to make such a bold promise because I know Funnel Mastery will work for you just like it has for countless entrepreneurs around the world. You truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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